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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dedicated Post to Kayren

A post dedicated to Kayren!

Firstly, sorry for not updating this as frequent as I am suppose to be. Didn't know that you've been reading and waiting for updates =p

Well, just something to entertain you hehe A holiday back in July with the family plus my uncle's family. Total pax : 9 of us. We went to Bali!!!! It was a lovely place. The view was spectacular and the weather! OMG! Was amazing. It was about 25 to 26 degrees everyday! So it's like walking around in the air condition room - this is because Bali gets the cool wind from Australia during their winter month. If you want to go when it's not that hot, July's the month and you'll love it!

I didn't buy much in Bali - as I feel that the quality of the hand made things are not as good. The only thing that I buy since day 2, is the slippers! haha Which is like Rm3 for a pair!! Gosh, I think the girls bought a total of 40 pairs of shoes combined.

I love this place - Uluwatu! Gosh - the sunset is magnificent. If there weren't any monkeys around, I think I'd stayed on longer. The monkeys there are a pest! They grab your glasses, necklaces (ANYTHING that is shiny) from you, then you'll have to pay the guys to get some food to get back your stuff! Such a cheat, the monkeys are probably trained to do so. And since I have monkey phobia - I have to keep a watchful eye so no monkey is near me! Never know when they will attack!!! I don't know since it's a tourist attraction - these monkeys problem should be solve.


The slippers that mum and I bought (didn't include the cousins coz they were busy unpacking)

Must try - not to bad, fried duck. Apparently the famous one and not to be missed!!!

Paddy field view - they're everywhere

This is at a volcano, can't remember the name but the view is like in the Lord of the Rings
valley view haha

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just for laughs

Speaking English with colours!

When the phone rings :

Green! Green!
I pink up the phone and say yellow? Blue is this?
White you want to do?
You don't purpley call me, if not I will not call you black...

what do you think?? cool huh!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2 years passed by

Dear Kong Kong,

It's been 2 years now. Somehow it still seems like yesterday it all happened. Things have changed for the past 1-year. I made a big move, I am now back home in Miri, working.

How are you there, ah kong? I still wish that I've spoken to you the night after your operation. I should have insisted Siaw Su(youngest uncle) to wake you, so I can still hear your voice, the last time. I still miss you…

Our CNY celebration this year was great. We ate at home this year. We didn’t go out because of last year’s experience in the restaurant. It was horrible.

So, this year Ah M said she'll cook steamboat! It was soo good. The food on the table was plentiful! Despite so much food served, I secretly missed one particular food. Pan suh! Pan suh that’s being cooked by you. My favourite dish, done only by you. Siaw Su says he can cook it the same way as you did!!! I didn’t get the chance to try it because when he cooked it, I was back in Miri already. Siaw Su said he will do it next year for me. I can’t wait.

The entire visitation that we go, we’ll definitely speak of you. We went to visit Lau Kou (your sisters) and Lau Chek (your brother), I’ll picture that you were with us. Lau chek look so much like you, do you know that? When I look at him, I see you. Picturing how it’d be nice to have you here with us, talking and talking.

Pek pek(dad's eldest brother) and us, we'll be going for a holiday. I am sure, you'll be coming with us too, if you're still around. Our first combine Goh's family trip =) I'll tell you more after the trip.

Always missing you.

Your granddaughter.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miri Life

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog. Not that I don’t want to update…I hardly have a lot of things to rant about =) or to share.

How can one complain so much about staying at home when everything you want is available? Home is indeed the best place ever. Might not want to leave home anymore!

Here’s my daily routine:
I wake up at 0500 then I head to work by 060 or 0610 the latest as I don’t want to be caught up in the so-called traffic jam. The jams here aren’t that bad compare to KL. It is still moving though there’re many cars. I just like to have a smooth drive all the way without stopping too much.

Then I knock off at work at 1600. I usually will go for my walks with Jennifer before heading home at 1730. I recently started playing badminton but not sure how long would that last! As walking in the sun at 1630 sometimes is TOO HOT and I have to use an umbrella! Don’t mind the stare it’s my face/skin that needs protection.

After my walks, I have tuition. I give tuition to primary school kids for Maths, English and Bahasa Malaysia. They’re a lot easier to teach. I have a few secondary kids but mainly Bahasa Malaysia and History. Gosh, it brings back memories on how I used to study history. When I was in high school, history was one of the subject I dislike soooo much! Now, I can’t believe I am teaching it. I’ve taught them in school when I was doing my temp job. It wasn’t that hard after all! After all, I did international relations in uni so I like the subject and it’s related to HISTORY! And basically needs a lot of memorizing and knowing the FACTS correctly. That’s all. Probably due to poor language, that’s why they do not understand what the teacher is teaching and sometimes students would like to know more and that’s where story telling comes in. I love CHINA’S history!

After my tuition, I usually hit the sack by 2130! Yes, 2130 I’d be asleep. My whole routine will start again at 0500 the next day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine

Hello all, been really quiet for the past 2months. With New Year gone and Chinese New Year just over, I'm back.

Been really lazy to update my blog mainly because my routine is always the same, no thing to really talk about. Daily working hours from 7am to 4pm. Then later tuition from 7 to 8.30pm. It's been like this for the past 1 month plus coming 2 now.

Went to Kuching to celebrate CNY and I had a fantabulous time there. Can't wait for the next CNY hehe I am already missing all my cousins there. It's always about food and food. And also our 2nd year without grandpa. We are still missing him, always.

Some holiday plans...will be going to Singapore in June. Saving up for the mega trip, destination, unknown yet. Hopefully it's somewhere where the time zone will be different.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bye Bye 2008, Helloo 2009

2009: A new beginning for muah; new place, new life, new work and new love???

The first 3 are settled just the last bit haha need extra hard work or maybe not.

Motto for 2009 : DOD (Do or Die) hahahaha

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcoming 2009

2008, lots of changes in my life.

Packed my bags and left Kuala Lumpur.

Now in 2009, I'll be in Miri, maybe for the next 3 years =)

Got a new job in one of the MNC here. It'll be a real challenge because I really have no idea what is awaiting for me.

I pray for God's guidance in me and my daily life. May He always be there for me and my family. I ask for safe undertakings over my family, grandparents, sister, and all my family members.

I thank You for loving me everyday and not letting me down even though sometimes I do feel that You've abandoned me.

May 2009 be fulled with lots of blessings and love.